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Bükfürdő - high-class refreshment, relaxation and recovery

One of Europe□s best-known and most popular medicinal spas, open-air swimming pools and adventure baths and Hungary□s second largest spa with the most modern sauna world and special Medical Wellness Centre looks forward to your visit in Bükfürdő offering each generation perfect recreation. The spa located on 14 hectares is a real spa complex with its 32 pools and a water surface of more than 5200 m2.

Our medicinal water pools contain 32-38 °C warm, the swimming pools contain 26-28 °C warm water, and little ones are awaited with paddling pools that are to be used by them only, where they can be splashing about among safe circumstances. Both slide complexes in the spa free of charge leave you with an experience never to be forgotten. After bathing, the children may play for a while on the state-of-the-art playground; the adults longing for relaxation are offered spacious retreats and comfortable deck chairs free of charge .
Those fond of moving are awaited with sports grounds (beach volley-ball, beach handball, foot-tennis, badminton, beach football street ball, table tennis), and organised sports and entertaining programmes all the year round.





From this summer we are looking forward to your visit with totally new offers. Due to the investments that have come to reality in the frame of the New Hungary Development Plan, the spa serves your untroubled relaxation with spacious rest zones and deck chairs available free of charge. A new children□s pool and a three-part slide complex has been built for the children as well. After splashing the little ones can enjoy the funny tools of the playroom. The real brave ones will surely enjoy the slides starting from inside and weaving outside the walls of the spa, in which light and colour effects ensure real slide-fun.

A bigger sauna world for 150 persons has been built for the sauna lovers. A tepidarium, steam baths, infra and Finnish saunas, an ice cabin, an aroma sauna and an outdoor Finnish sauna welcome the guests here who want to relax and refresh. The relaxation after staying in the sauna will be ensured by the indoor sauna rest zone enough even for 100 persons and the atmospheric sauna gardens. The indoor and outdoor cold water diving pool and Jacuzzis and the Kneipp-pool can be used at the end of a perfect sauna session.

For the comfort of our guests an indoor restaurant with front cooking has been opened, in which even 200 persons will be able to enjoy the culinary specialities and the delicious healthy food at the same time □and they do not even need to leave the spa area. As a new element of our services a Medical Wellness Centre has been built, where wellness-fitness treatments serve health protection under the supervision of excellent medical specialists. Beyond our Relax and exotic massages, condition surveys and thermo spa treatments ensure our guests□ perfect regeneration and harmony.

Due to the new developments the spa has become more guest-friendly. Through the new entrance you can easily choose the very spa part you would like to use. The individual facilities □ such as the medicinal spa and open-air swimming pool, the adventure bath and the sauna world □ can be used individually, so that you can use the sauna, or the medicinal spa or the adventure bath only and with the help of the combined tickets you can get a wider range of services at moderate prices. The separate parts are working with their own opening hours, so you can come to Bükfürdő even in the evening to relax in the sauna or in the Jacuzzis or under our excellent masseurs□ beneficial hands or just to leave the everyday stress behind.

Do not forget! The renewed Spa Bük is expecting you!

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